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Dungeons of Edera (In Development)

Dungeons of Edera announcement trailer

Dungeons of Edera is a rogue-lite action RPG dungeon crawler featuring procedurally generated levels, each packed with challenging enemies, bosses, and lots of loot for the aspiring adventurer.

Wishlist on Steam now:

Hold the Fort (2019)

Hold the Fort release trailer

Dive into intense, fantasy, tower defense action! Using turrets, spells, and your cunning, you must defend your kingdom against an onslaught of enemies launching a surprise attack while the king is away.

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Are you skilled enough to escape the Dungeons of Edera, by @MToothStudios?

Explore procedurally generated dungeons🎲
Build up your armory with piles of loot💰
Hire staff and upgrade your faction📋

Qualified creators can get a key here:

Had a lot of fun playing @DungeonsOfEdera!!! Even when I had to punch people because I couldn't use my sword for some reason xD

Check it out!

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Showing off the new executions in @DungeonsOfEdera for #screenshotsaturday!

Get early access now! 👇👇

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